Elvis Ellis is a British visual artist. Originally from Bristol in the UK, he currently works between Los Angeles and Berlin. Ellis works with a host of different mediums, including paint, photography and video



Exploration of Colour and Texture

The ideology behind his work is taking something tiny as his point of conception and transforming it into something much bigger. Ellis starts with a small dot or mark and crystallises it in time, so as to further explore the play of colours and textures. For him each dot or finished piece is just a microcosm of a greater web of creation. Ellis sees painting as an affirmation that the possibilities for creative expression are infinite. 

Intuitive Painting

Ellis’ work is a combination of chaotic, unfettered freeform painting with an acute attention to detail, form and gesture. He sees painting as an intuitive process, where the canvas becomes a space to project one's thoughts and to express oneself through a nonverbal language. Ellis’ colourful and dynamic prints and canvases refuse categorisation, although Abstraction and Pop Art are definite influences, the pieces are more of a celebration of the act of artistic creation.

Emerging Excellence

Ellis has exhibited extensively worldwide, in London, Los Angeles and Berlin. In 2016, Ellis was selected for an artist in residency programme in Utah, USA, in which he created large scale installation paintings that played off the colours and compositions of the natural surroundings.

Contact - studio@elvisellis.com

Representation:  london@untoldartgroup.com